Four teenagers from San Fernando were arrested on Wednesday 25th March 2020, for robbing a taxi driver of his vehicle.

According to police reports, the 59-year-old Taxi Driver picked up the four assailants at Library Corner, San Fernando.

The driver reported that on reaching St Charles, one of the passengers requested to urinate causing the driver to stop his vehicle.

The driver, upon observing the behaviour of the teen, became suspicious and proceeded to exit the vehicle with the keys and walk away, at which point the said teen followed and began to assault him physically.

One of the remaining three teens retrieved the keys and all four escaped with the car.

The incident was reported to the Ste Madeline Police Station and with the assistance of the Mon Repos Police, Southern Division Task Force, and the Emergency Response Patrol 96.

The suspects were arrested while heading north along Manahambre Road.

The stolen vehicle collided with one parked vehicle as well as Emergency Response Patrol vehicle, driven by Cpl. Ramkumar. The suspects were taken to the Princes Town Health Facility to be treated for minor injuries received in the crash.

Inquiries are continuing.