The facility which was being considered for use to store COVID-19 dead bodies in Freeport.
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The mass body storage for COVID-19 fatalities in Beaucarro, Freeport, has been scrapped and the Funeral Practitioners’ Association is now looking for another suitable site to establish the facility. This is according to the Association’s president Keith Belgrove, on Monday.

Keith Belgrove, president of the Funeral Practitioners’ Association.

He said the Freeport location was ideal for the facility’s needs; however, the Association has heard the concerns of the community.

“At this association of funeral professionals, it was never our intent to upset the residents in any way. Wherever funeral services operate, we are partners with the community within which we operate,” he said.

Belgrove said the Association already has identified two possible sites for relocating the facility, but more will be revealed as the process makes headway.