Adana Stacy Dick’s mother Beverly Ann James being consoled by a relative at the Guide’s Funeral home in Couva,yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

At the funeral service of her murdered friend Adana Stacey Dick, Annmarie Peltier called on men to respect a woman’s decision to walk away from a relationship.

“I want to say one small thing to men in Trinidad and Tobago. When we say no more as women, we mean that. We simply mean that and move on. You don’t have the right to demand more,” said Peltier.

Dick, 36, was allegedly murdered by a close male relative while on way to make a domestic violence report at St Margaret’s Police Station on June 30. The mother of five was stabbed multiple times at a bus shed along Southern Main Road, St Margaret’s, a short distance away from the police station.

The 47-year-old suspect is still on the run.

Paying tribute to her during the service at David Guide & Son Funeral Chapel in Couva, Peltier said Dick always wore a smile and was a kind and loving person.

“It seemed like she did not have no problems on this earth…and then we find out behind, you could not believe.”

Speaking afterward with Guardian Media, Peltier said she worked with Dick for more than two years and she never once complained about being abused. She said, “Probably she had reported it many times but any kind of abuse in any way whatsoever is not something to keep to yourself, that is not a secret.”

She said the problem is that men feel they own women and want to control them.

“What I have to say to young people is that the first lash, the first abusive word, the first sign that you are in danger, you could be pregnant, you could be about to make that baby, run.”

In her eulogy, an emotional Kamaria Dick said they shared a very close relationship and did most things together.

“We had good times and bad moments but I never imagined we would be ripped apart from each other like this. Although I am hurt and saddened and dismayed I still thank God for the time he granted to her on earth with me.”

She fondly recalled her beautiful smile, delicious cooking, and unique style.

“I know before you took your last breath you made that connection to God and submitted your being to his will ensuring that you are his eternal child.”

She promised Dick that she would take care of her children and continue the motherly relationship she has with them. To Dick’s loved ones who want to lash out in anger, Pastor Claire Hospedales advised them to seek comfort from God.

“All the individuals who want to say why and want to quarrel. I always tell individuals the first person to quarrel with is Jesus, don’t give nobody piece of your mind because if you give everybody a piece you will lose it and you will go crazy.”

Dick was laid to rest at Diamond Cemetery at Claxton Bay.