Fui Toong On Association (FTOA) First Vice President Janelle Lue Chee Kong presents a cheque to Lady Hochoy Home Sr Claire Marie looking on from left is FTOA President Joe Chan, Secretary Raymond Chin Asang and right are Principal of the home Sr Bertill Dean.

Members of the Fui Toong On Association (FTOA), which marked its 100th anniversary in 2019, donated a cheque for $10,000 to the Lady Hochoy Home in Cocorite on March 17 for the home to continue providing care for the children with intellectual disabilities, and to effect much-needed repairs to the facility.

The commemorative banner in the home’s lobby read “Celebrating the 60th Anniversary, 1961-2021.”

The principal of the home Sr Bertill Dean and Sr Claire Marie warmly welcomed the delegation.

The occasion was a significant milestone and an opportunity to rekindle the long historical relationship between both organisations, dating back to when Sir Solomon Hochoy was Trinidad and Tobago’s Governor-General and his wife Lady Thelma Hochoy had started the home for persons of all ages with intellectual disabilities.

The two Carmelite Sisters, Sr Dean and Sr Marie, were delighted to share their knowledge of the home’s 60-year history with Fui Toong On Association’s President Joe Chan, First Vice President Janelle Lue Chee Kong and Secretary Raymond Chin Asang and to show them around the premises.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Sr Marie said, “The home was opened to the first set of children on March 20, 1961.

“The home is 60 years old and needs ongoing repairs on the building itself.

“We are thankful for the Fui Toong On Association’s donation to help the with the children’s requirements and to also offset repairs.

“Thanks to all the good people who have helped us over the years.”