Khadene Crowe

On October 14, 2020 a funnel cloud landed on the home of Khadene Crowe, 39, and ripped the roof off her house at Ragoonanan Trace West, Chase Village, Chaguanas.

Khadene, along with her husband and two children, now rent a one-bedroom apartment at Charlieville because they are yet to receive any help promised to them by the Ministry of Social Development.

To compound her woes, the remainder of her belongings at Chase Village was stolen by thieves.

Khadene stood under the street light outside the apartment she rents for $2,000 a month at Kolahal Road, Marchin Road, Charlieville on Tuesday and related her story to Guardian Media.

She had just arrived from her job at a tile store.

Crowe said Minister Donna Cox came to her home and promised assistance.

However, there is no money to spare for her, “They told me everything is signed and approved but they are awaiting funds.” Crowe said life was not easy living in a cramped room.

Crowe said she was not getting any rental grant but was told that she could apply for a grant.

She said the National Commission for Self Help Limited (NCSHL) gave her grant by way of a purchase order for construction materials.

However, she was contacted on Monday by the hardware assigned to her by the NCSHL only to be told that the price of the items had gone up and she had to take back the purchase order to NCSHL to get it re-adjusted.

She said the NCSH advised that to redo the process would take a long time.

Crowe said the only assistance she had gotten so far was from relatives and friends who had purchased some steel beams for the roof. These beams are being stored inside her house and she was hoping that thieves would not make off with these as well.

Omar Shah, 58, who lives next to Crowe, said he also applied for assistance to fix his damaged roof.

Shah claimed he has contacted the Ministry of Social Development but has received no assistance yet.

Shah said he too is being told that there was no money to assist him.

Shah said criminal activity is growing in the area, he said there has been a number of break-ins and little or no police patrols.

Dubraj Persad, the local government representative for the area on the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, said he wrote to the Ministry of Social Development seeking assistance for Crowe.

Persad said he was also working on fixing the flooding in the area by having the roadway raised and the water courses dredged.

Persad said he also has intentions of liaising with the police for more patrols in the area.