A group of residents from Beetham Gardens walk past police officers along the Beetham Highway as they make their way into Sea Lots, Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Lead Editor, Investigative Desk

“There’s going to be a bloodbath.”

This was the chilling warning from a purported lieutenant of the Rasta City gang following yesterday’s second day of fiery protests in and around Port-of- Spain which were sparked by the police killings of three Morvant men last Saturday.

“If you name police from this week you marked for death! Man or woman, once you name police you marked for death. Phase two we will deal with ministers. Right now we dealing up with police. Is years upon years police oppressing we,” the Rasta City lieutenant told Guardian Media after reaching out to us yesterday.

In a chilling voice, the gangster said this was just the beginning of an all-out war on the police, adding all warring gangs had now come together as one unit to fight against the T&T Police Service.

“Little do they know we unite. All enemies unite, we put all our differences aside to form one alliance to war the biggest gang in Trinidad and Tobago. It will be bloody because we have real guns and real manpower.”

The Rasta City senior gang member said he was unperturbed by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and his troops.

“Real police go fall in Port-of-Spain, around Port-of-Spain and all over Trinidad because the Rasta City, Muslim City and ATB nationwide.”

With the public already on edge, the gang member said they also wanted to reveal the alleged wrongdoing of several officers in the TTPS and made no apologies for their planned course of action.

He claimed, “They (officers) have been fighting we down and killing we, doing we(sic) all kind of unjust things. Setting us up and taking men from John John and dropping them on Nelson and Duncan for man to rebel and kill them.

“Trinidad and Tobago going and make history, they will never know Trinidad have all this firepower.”

The gangster also alleged that ministers were also part of the problem. “Ministers dealing with gangsters on a daily basis, they giving us guns, they giving us money. They pay we (sic) to do certain things. Everything is political, this thing going and get out of hand. Gary Griffith talking about 40 days and he foil some plot. They never had any plot. He just like ah setta star boy thing, he is a Hollywood actor you know, he’s ah actor,” the gangster said.

The lieutenant explained that the killing of Joel Jacob, Noel Diamond and Israel Clinton in Second Caledonia, Morvant, last Saturday, which sparked the protests, had deeper connections allegedly linked to a senior police officer.

The gangster claimed, “They came for the driver but the two other men pick up innocent. This was why they clean up the crime scene, push back the car and all kinda thing. This killing stemming from the killing of Dufu. They kill him because he was about to leak information. This is no random thing. This something that was stirring up and it was in the making.”

Nigel “Dufu” Mayers, 40, a reputed gang leader from the Morvant area, was shot and killed by officers of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) in late May. Mayers had been freed late last year with several other men for the murder of shopkeeper Shirley Thomas in November 2010.

Another threat was also issued to Commissioner Griffith and his men on social media by a male voice yesterday.

The voice said, “Gary Griffith, you better put cameras on the police and them from now on dread, cus just now we going and kill them police and them the same way they killing people. We will not done (sic), I know what I telling you. You better pass that bill and put them cameras on them police and them cus (sic) they treating we unjust and we going and start to treat them unjust. We will bring out the big guns Griffith. I know what I telling you. We will start to kill them police and them.”

Speaking on CNC3’s live programme Under Fire on Tuesday evening, however, Griffith said he was not perturbed by the apparent coalition of the gangs. While calling for calm in the country, Griffith said he would not let criminal elements run the show as they do in parts of Jamaica.

“It stops, today, we are not going to allow criminal elements to feel like you can control any area, any block, any community and then play the blame game,” Griffith said.

Guardian Media also contacted Minister of National Security Stuart Young yesterday about the chilling comments made by the senior Rasta City gang member.

Young said, “Such a threat needs to be investigated and verified by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and other arms of national security. It is something that we would not take lightly. I support the work of the TTPS and would never condone or support criminality or illegality by anyone.”