Minister of Education Anthony Garcia.

The Ministry of Education is calling for increased partnership between itself and the police service after a video began circulating of a parent and child assaulting a student.

Minister of the Education Anthony Garcia has condemned the act.

He said: “Our parents must be exemplars of right and responsible behaviour.”

The Minister expressed his “complete disapproval” and has questioned how children were supposed to behave if these were the types of examples being put before them.

He said: “A parent being involved in the physical assault of a child is unacceptable. We rely heavily on parents to be the first teachers of discipline, respect and morality and, to have any parent act in this way, diminishes the work that we as teachers are attempting to do and sends the wrong message to students.”

The Education Ministry said its School Supervision and Management Division had been in contact with the school and the Schools Supervisor would be on site to aid the principal in resolving the matter.

It added this latest incident of student indiscipline in the streets underscored the need a greater partnership between the police service and ministry.