Education Minister Anthony Garcia (left) and Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, have been working on critical interventions for five at-risk schools.

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, says the Ministry of Education has not given up the fight to bring back discipline and ensure a peaceful environment in the nation’s schools.

Speaking on The Morning Brew show today, the education minister confirmed that the ministry has been working closely with Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and his team, to find solutions to the increasing indiscipline and violence in the nation’s 700-plus schools.

Minister Garcia admits they have been especially concerned about the growing reality of gangs infiltrating and affecting students, teachers and school administrators.

“We have been able to identify about five schools that we deem to be at risk. We have been putting measures in place, with the assistance of the police. We have been meeting with the Commissioner of Police, and we have decided to put certain measures in place — which, of course, for security reasons i cannot disclose at this time — to ensure that this is stamped out.”

And speaking of challenges… the education minister is calling on parents and teachers to speak to the children in their care about the Jump-Trip Challenge, which he says is not a game anyone should play.

Last Friday, the education ministry had issued an official statement on the matter, revealing that the internet challenge had already landed at least one student in the hospital with a broken arm.

Minister Garcia warns that students’ lives could be at stake, if they participate in the Jump-Trip Challenge, which is also known as the Skull-Breaker Challenge.

“This is not a game,” he asserts. “Any activity that would result in the injury of a child—and moreover, any activity that is deliberate and that will result in the injury of a child—that cannot be treated as a game. As such, it is our intention to take strong, disciplinary action against students who participate in this exercise.”

The education minister says they have been able to identify two schools who have been engaging in the Jump-Trip Challenge, based on the viral social media videos.

He says school supervisors will be meeting with the administrators for those schools, with a view to nipping things in the bud, before they escalate, and the Jump-Trip Challenge migrates to other schools.