The Police Commissioner has repeatedly appealed to legislators to make amendments to the Bail Act

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has revealed that the TTPS has established a special Operations Command Centre (OCC) to deal specifically with the Covid-19 crisis.

Commissioner Griffith says this has become necessary following the amendments to the Public Health Ordinance and because of reports that some people are still not adhering to the new guidelines.

The CoP says the establishment of the OCC is to ensure that the public adheres to the new regulations. He is aware that people are

still congregating in large numbers and this must be curtailed. He says this is the opportune time for citizens to utilize all forms of social

media to report, post, take images of others in contravention of the new guidelines.

There are three main tasks for the Operations Command Centre.

1. To support measures encouraging the adherence to the new Public Health Ordinance Regulations and;

2. To manage and operate as a ‘Social Responsibility Call Centre’ where all calls, messages, images related to persons contravening the regulations are received and transferred to the relevant TTPS units;

3. To centralize operations specifically related to COVID-19 and all related and off shoot threats, such as an expected shift in criminal activity toward home invasion and larceny.

The CoP says that the public has options of reporting these matters:

a) The TTPS App. The CoP calls on citizens to use the Police Service App, “You see something, You Say Something”, to report persons who breach the regulations. All you have to do is download the TTPS App.

Once that is done, you go on the right lower section of your phone, “Report Crime”. Just click on that and you will see options such as uploading photographs and videos.

b) 482-GARY. The CoP says that citizens can continue to send videos and photographs via WHATSAPP to 482-GARY.

c) Persons can also contact 555 where reports will be received 24/7.

The CoP is also advising citizens that they can call 999 for an immediate response from the TTPS.

The CoP says that all 85 Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) vehicles, will be fully-equipped and be available to respond to these calls 24 hours a day.

Commissioner Griffith states “in these unprecedented times, we are all encouraged to look out for each other, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the partnership between the citizenry and the TTPS.

I encourage persons to utilize all forms of communication as stated to share those who may be in contravention of the regulations, as we are all in this together. If you see something, say something, and we have provided three options.”

According to the Legal Notice 57, bars, cinemas, and racing pools, have been ordered closed. There will be no more church services, inhouse dining at restaurants have been curtailed, and there will be no more congregating in groups of more than ten persons.

Commissioner Griffith says there were reports that certain organizations have still not been adhering to the guidelines laid out, and encouraged gatherings of more than ten persons. He says police officers visited these places since the amendments were put in place, speaking to persons and advising them not to breach the laws.

He says the police officers are not about arresting persons, but really advising them against breaching the laws at a time when all hands should be on deck to fight Covid-19.


The Public Health (2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019nCoV) (No 3) Regulations 2020

It shall be an offence during the period March 22 and April 30, 2020 for any person:

1) To conduct the business or a bar, whether or not the person is a licensed person under the Liquor Licenses Act;

2) To operate a Club as defined in Section 2 of the Registration of Clubs Act;

3) To operate a Theatre under the Cinematograph Act;

4) To operate a Common Gaming House or Betting Office licensed under the Gambling and Betting Act;

5) To conduct religious or ecclesiastic services or any other religious gatherings where the number of persons participating therein, exceeds ten and;

6) To provide the amenity of seated dining at a restaurant to any customer.