A T&TEC worker looks at damage done by a truck that pulled down utility poles along the Southern Main Road in Sobo Village, La Brea, yesterday.

A gas truck ripped down several utility lines in Sobo Village, La Brea, yesterday morning, causing a traffic pile-up, a power outage and damage to a house.

“I thought it was an earthquake or something,” said resident Tiffany Francois as she recalled the incident.

“I was sleeping with my niece, my nephews and my sister here and we experience an accident and the whole house start to shake. The TV fall down and I had to grab my two nephews and come outside.”

She could not believe what she saw outside her house.

“The electricity pole was on the ground. A big truck and speeding going, other poles falling down.”

Francois realised that it was not an earthquake, but an electricity pole had fallen on the roof of her home.

“The whole roof (damage), the roof almost come down on them children. TV get damaged.”

There were no reports of injury.

A driver of the truck owned by Massy Gas Products declined to be interviewed.

The incident that occurred around 10 am also caused a traffic pile-up along the Southern Main Road.

T&TEC’s Corporate Communications manager Annabelle Brasnell confirmed that a truck hooked on some utility lines that were attached to a T&TEC’s pole.

“This had a ripple effect, pulling down that pole and bursting two T&TEC lines attached to a different pole, resulting in a power outage.”

Brasnell explained that other utility companies rent pole space from T&TEC to run their lines across the country.

Brasnell said most customers were reconnected from another feeder within 20 minutes while electricity returned to the other customers before the end of the day.

Massy Gas Products declined to comment.