A person points to blood stained surface downstairs of the house where Wendell Scott was killed on Tuesday night at Baptiste Road, Gasparillo. INNIS FRANCIS

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Minutes after being shot at his Gasparillo home on Tuesday night, a 50-year-old man begged his neighbour not to leave him as he knew he was dying.

Lying on his back as he bled out, Wendell Scott’s neighbour held his hand and tried to comfort him.

Scott, however, was pronounced dead on arrival to the San Fernando General Hospital. Scott rented one of two apartments in a house at Baptiste Street, Charles Street, for over 20 years.

He lived alone in his apartment while a man lived in the other apartment.

Shortly before 9 pm he was in his apartment when someone called out to him.

He went outside where he was confronted by three men and they argued. Shortly after, at least four gunshots were heard.

The other tenant then heard as though the house was being ransacked.

He became afraid, jumped through a window and hid until the assailants were gone.

A neighbour told Guardian Media that when she went under the house she saw Scott lying on his back. He was gasping for breath.

When he heard her voice he called out her name. He asked her to hold his hand and not to leave him.

“This is really sad. First time I ever witness anything like this. The boy had on a shorts and a vest like he was in his bed already.”

She said he used to sell cigarettes and wrapping paper.

She described him as cool person. While police are still trying to determine a motive, the woman believes that the assailants came to rob him. Scott’s cellphone could not be found. Investigations are continuing.