Ms. Danescia Sealey, Web Content Specialist, Gender and Child Affairs presents Christmas gifts for the residents to Ms. Yvette Bruce, Manager, St. Jude's School for Girls.

In a bid to bring Christmas cheer to some of the nation’s most vulnerable children and adults, the Division of Gender and Child Affairs and the National AIDS Coordinating Committee partnered with staff of the Office of the Prime Minister, Pennywise Cosmetics Limited and Digicel Trinidad for its annual Holiday Gift Drive.

The eighty recipients included children and adults at the National Domestic Violence Shelter, St. Jude’s School for Girls, the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s Child Support Centre and recently transitioned residents from the Cyril Ross Nursery, who were blessed with gifts from their wish lists.

A press release from the Gender and Child Affairs Ministry stated that the Holiday Gift Drive is “aligned to the Division’s National Child Policy goal that “all children are happy, healthy and confident; and their rights are respected, protected and promoted to facilitate their holistic development towards achieving their fullest potential as constructive members of society now and in the future”.

Different children’s homes are selected every year and the gift drive assists in fostering a sense of camaraderie, teamwork and benevolence among staff. The initiative was particularly significant this year in light of the challenging times.