Gender-Based Violence Head Supt (Ag) Claire Guy-Alleyne.

Head of the Gender-Based Violence Unit ASP Claire Guy-Alleyne is calling on the public not to share heinous videos of domestic violence saying it traumatises victims of abuse.

She was speaking after a video circulated of a Cunupia man mercilessly beating a woman.

The thirty-second video, which went viral, showed the man beating the woman near a wall in a poorly lit area.

In the video, the woman was heard sobbing loudly, while the man shouted, “Look how I have you! You texting Annie and them and saying how I lock you outside. This time, I not taking that. You tell me you leaving and you don’t want nothing, but you come back for clean clothes and what and what!”

Police from the Cunupia Police Station later went in search of the man.

In a second viral video, the officers enter the man’s house asking, “Where she clothes?”

The man told the police that the beating incident took place three years ago.

He said, “That is three years it happen, but she leave seven months ago.”

When asked what the woman did to deserve such treatment, the man responded, “It have a court matter going on. She mashup my phone, buss up my clothes and cuff me up. She set up the phone down there and do me all that. When I go in the back there she start to thing me up. That is the part that nobody knows.”

However, in an interview with Guardian Media, ASP Guy-Alleyne said the entire country was traumatised after seeing the video of the vicious beating.

She said the couple was well-known to the police.

Asked what help was given to the woman, Guy-Alleyne said she had been referred to the Victim and Witness Support Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Asked what was the latest on the matter, Guy-Alleyne said she did not want to speak about any details of the matter, except to say that an investigation was underway.

She confirmed that the assault was not recent.

“We are asking family members not to post any heinous videos because it sends the country into shock and trauma. It also places a lot of trauma on the victim and even other victims of abuse feel trauma. This is a traumatic experience,” she said.

Rather than posting and sharing the videos, Guy-Alleyne said it was better to bring the information to the Gender-Based Violence Unit.

“Speak about it. Then let us move forward and deal with it. Let’s stop the victim shaming,” she said.

Trinidad and Tobago has seen an upsurge in domestic violence over the pandemic period.

Last year 45 women and two girls were murdered in this country.