Reigning Chutney Soca Monarch, GI Beharry, will defend his title at SAPA in San Fernando on Saturday 26th February 2022.

14 artistes will go up against GI for the 2022 Chutney Soca Monarch. GI Beharry will be defending his title in 2022.

Southex, the organiser of the competition, confirmed the artistes listing in an official statement issued today.

Five newcomers to CSM will be competing for the title, along with three Prabhus and two Beharry brothers.  Also of note, five women will be among the finalists competing for the overall Monarch title and the Queen title.

In addition to the Monarch title, also up for grabs will be the Queen of Chutney Soca title, which will be won by the top performing female artiste at the Grand Final. Nisha Ramsook is the defending Queen of Chutney Soca.

The CSM Semi Final, which took place on 27th January, featured 32 artistes. Over the last week, these 32 videos were released across social media, on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

There also was a text voting platform for persons to vote for their favourite artistes.

“Over the last seven days, we have been able to reach 1.1 million people, gathering almost 600 thousand views across more than 50 countries,” Southex reported.

“More than 11,000 votes were counted for the semi-final.  Our biggest viewership came from T&T with 50.7%, USA (19%), Canada (9.3%) and Guyana (5.9%),” the Southex release revealed.

The CSM Grand Final will feature a special opening performance by the ‘World’s Greatest Chutney Soca Artiste’ Ravi B and his full band Karma, featuring Nisha B and Abbyshi.

“The Final will be hosted by our very own ‘Nah’ news anchor, Kenneth Supersad and Big Rich D Pungalunks. All artistes will be backed up by Kishore ‘Wizzy’ Ramdath and Avatar the Band,” Southex said.

The CSM Grand Final takes place at SAPA in San Fernando on Saturday 26th February 2022. Limited tickets are available, and Southex assures all public health protocols will be observed and asks all patrons to show proof of vaccination.

There also will be special prizes for patrons and viewers.

“There will be an all-inclusive weekend giveaway for one lucky viewer by Tropikist Beach Hotel and Resort and lots of hampers and a special door prize from Dansteel Limited,” Southex said.

The 14 Finalists competing against GI Beharry are:

Ranjeev Ramdeen – New York

Raquel John

Master Saleem

Neeshan ‘Hitman’ Prabhu

Ramrajie Prabhu

Veejai Ramkissoon

Ricky Khando

Navin ‘D Prince’ Prabhu

Nel Ramdass

Daddy Chinee

Shazzie Ramsumir

Nisha Ramsook

Kenneth Salick

Captain Kendal

The 2022 Chutney Soca Monarch is sponsored by TSTT, Xtra Foods, Dansteel Limited, Tropikist Beach Hotel and Resort, U97, TTT, NLCB, and the Ministry of Tourism Culture & The Arts.