Imran “GI” Beharry performs his winning song " Wa We Go Do", during the Chutney Soca Monarch final at at SAPA, San Fernando, on Saturday .

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Imran “GI” Beharry has retained the Chutney Soca Monarch title following Saturday night’s show at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts.

Ramrajie Prabhoo captured the Queen of Chutney title and placed second to Beharry in the Monarch with her song Budlal.

Beharry defended the title with an elaborate set production filled with dancers and towering costumes.

Dressed in black apparel with gold finishing, Beharry sang a song he explained promoted unity between two friends who reunited from Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, titled Wa We Go Do.

The event drew more props, dancers, and costuming support above patron attendance at the show which started just after 8 pm and concluded with GI’s grand showdown shortly after midnight.

Organisers, Southex, said more than 50,000 people viewed the show online via its YouTube Channel.

Thirteen artists competed against two-time CSM GI for a chance to dethrone him and for the Queen of Chutney titles respectively.

This was the first in-person show since the 2019 Carnival.

Last year organisers packaged a prerecording of the show’s production from the same venue.

Despite the venue’s no eating and drinking policy in the auditorium, patrons found alternative means to alleviate this issue.

Many complained of the militant use of authority from the establishment’s workers and not being able to “free up” for the artist who they came out to support.

Promoter George Singh congratulated GI and his team on the third consecutive win.

The production, in the 27th season, formed part of this year’s Taste of Carnival.

Top three Queen of Chutney Soca:

1st – Ramrajie Prabhoo – Budlal

2nd – Shazeena “Shazzie” Ramsumir – Dholak Man

3rd – Raquel “Raquel” John – Plenty Iron

CSM – Top 10:

1st – Imran “GI” Beharry – Wa We Go Do

2nd – Ramrajie Prabhoo – Budlal

3rd – Ricardo “Daddy Chinee” Melville – Jadoo

4th – Ranjeev “Ranjeev” Ramdeen – I Love Daru

5th – Kenneth Salick – She Want Ah 4×4 Van

6th – Veejay Ramkissoon – Wukkin

7th – Saleem “Master Saleem” Beharry – Let’s Have Ah Drink

8th – Ricky Khandoo – Tremble Dance

9th – Navin “D Prince” Prahhoo – Narr Singh

10th – Shazeena “Shazzie” Ramsumir – Dholak Man