Faith George with her mother Penni Beckles- George who needs $200,000 for a life-saving brain surgery

Sascha Wilson

As donations slowly trickle in towards a life-saving brain surgery for Point Fortin mother Penni Beckles-George, her nine-year-old daughter has made a heart-rendering appeal for help which has gone viral.

Beckles-George’s husband Daniel George said he walked in on his eldest child Faith making the cellphone video and after seeing it he was moved to tears and decided to upload it onto social media.

The child started the three- minute and 22-second video by saying, “Please help my mother and please don’t hate.”

Her mother has a brain aneurysm which can be fatal if the operation – a Cerebral Artery Aneurysm Embolization – is not done.

The problem is the public health system is not equipped to do the surgery so it has to be done privately.

Praying that she would be able to raise the $200,000 needed to do the procedure on March 22 at a private institution, Beckles-George and her husband have made a public appeal for help.

She described the condition as a “ticking time bomb” as it could rupture at any time and she could die.

Faith said in her appeal:“She went at San Fernando General Hospital and the doctors told her they found out that she had a brain aneurysm and a brain tumour so I want you all to please help my mother because that brain aneurysm will make her whole brain burst and then she might die…and I will not have a mother again. Even though somebody will want to volunteer to be my mother it is still not going to work out, it not going to be like my real mother so I am asking you guys to please help us.”

Faith and her six-year-old sister suffer from seizures. The younger sister is also asthmatic. At the time of the video, she was home with her father.

Her mother took her three-year-old brother to the hospital after he fell and injured his elbow.

Faith appealed, “I want you guys to put the money you have, if you don’t have enough money don’t worry other persons have plenty money and if they work as a team they will all get it in that bucket and ready for my mom to get fixed and then everything will be fine.”

Beckles-George said when she returned home and saw the video she broke down in tears.

She said her son’s right arm had to be put in a cast because the bone got grazed. After her plight was highlighted in this newspaper on Saturday and Friday night newscast on CNC3, the couple said people have been reaching out to them and their donations increased from $1,500 to over $13,000.

“It’s coming in slowly but we have been receiving a lot of feedback. I want to say thank you very much.”

Beckles-George, a former pre-school teacher, has been unable to work due to her daughter’s seizures and her (Beckles-George) condition while her husband was laid off following Petrotrin closure.

He has also set up GoFundMe and FundMeT&T accounts, but so far they have only raised $1,500.

The couple should soon have a special account for donations set up at First Citizens Bank but in the interim anyone willing to assist can deposit funds to this FCB account– Penni Omega Beckles-George 2415961.

They can also be contacted at 309-1767.