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Some 30 families with children suffering from cerebral palsy received hampers from the Dr Glenn Foundation on Christmas Eve.

Ten of the hampers were given at his office at Syne Village, Penal. The recipients expressed thanks for the hampers.

Ramadharsingh said his foundation has been involved in the Cereby Palsy Association for the past ten years.

This year, through donations from the Pennywise group, Extra Foods, Ryan Ajodha Construction, Francis Engineering and several other individuals, Ramadharsingh said he was able to assist the families.

Saying the world was facing challenging times because of the global pandemic, Ramadharsingh said now more than ever people needed to look out for each other.

“As you give, so shall you receive. We need to be our brother’s keeper,” Ramadharsingh said. He added that people must give freely of themselves and embrace those who were facing difficult times.