She lost the government by a mere 1,200 votes, ie St Joseph and La Horquetta/Talparo together.

The UNC won an extra seat, Moruga/ Tableland.

The UNC won altogether significantly more votes than the PNM which occurs every election.

Persad-Bissessar did everything correctly this time around. She visited each of the marginal seats, met the constituents and listened to their concerns. The candidates in these seats were chosen early enough to work their respective constituencies. They gave their blood, sweat and tears , walked the walk and talked the talk throughout the entire campaign.

They are excellent choices and brought the best to the electorate.

Our leader must bring these high performers into the Senate so that they can continue to change the mindset of many of our voters.

Kamla cannot and must not leave now. We all support her. We need her just as she needs us, especially now.

She has the fortitude, and vision for the future of our beautiful country.

She survived the betrayal of many whom she trusted.

The UNC fought a good Clean fight.

The UNC has the best economic master plan to take Trinidad and Tobago into the future.

Our leader has great ideas for our young people, who seem to be lost under the PNM.

Let’s not cry when taxes are increased, the unemployment increases, property tax is imposed, gas prices raised and when hardships spring on us like a tsunami as happened and continue to reign in our neighbouring Venezuela ,under this PNM Government.

May God bless our leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, all the people of Trinidad and Tobago and May we continue to live in peace and harmony.

Long live Trinidad and Tobago .

Dr Vidhya Gyan Tota-Maharaj