At every Government and Ministry of Health Press update on the COVID situation, I am appalled at the fact the that attending Press Corps don’t hold the Government or Health officials (CMO, Ministers) to account for the questionable statements or facts they dish out at each of these sessions.

As example, this Government felt it necessary to shut down our businesses, and the economy as a whole, advising this was to combat the spread of COVID. Yet this same Government clearly did not see it fit to practice the same caution when it came to their campaigning in the lead up to the General Elections!

Following the election, we now have the evidence of a spike in the number of infected people in the country, which includes several government and opposition members who were seen and pictured out on the campaign trail mask-less and not practicing any form of social distancing. This includes, but is certainly not limited to Kamla Persad-Bissesar and PM Rowley.

For the past several months, we the public have been condescendingly berated and spoken down to at these press briefings by these politicians and health officials who it now seems to follow the old adage “you will do as I say, and I will do as I like.”

Today there are many of us that have been prevented from having our loved ones return home because this Government claims they are trying to protect the population. Yet when it came time for their electioneering, it was like Carnival out on the campaign trail with music trucks, people jamming up on each other, and the pelting of party t-shirts out into the crowd. Disgusting behaviour from those who were preaching differently for the past many months.

Now they try to distance themselves from responsibility for their behaviour and what it has caused, and further to threaten us saying we are an undisciplined public and they may have to consider a stricter lock down. What!! You caused this latest spike. Unlike you, we in the business sector were following all recommended protocols, and now we are likely to be punished and our businesses ruined because of your failure to follow your own guidelines!