Political Analyst Derek Ramsamooj.

This country’s honorary consul in Suriname was due yesterday to ascertain from Suriname authorities the conditions of Trinidad and Tobago political analyst Derek Ramsamooj’s detention in that country.

Foreign Affairs Minister Amery Browne said so yesterday.

Ramsamooj has been detained over the last two weeks assisting Suriname police authorities with investigations into an alleged fraud/corruption matter.

Browne said Government is working with Suriname’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and the local ministry has also liaised with Suriname’s Attorney General on the Ramsamooj matter.

“Today (sun) our honorary consul there will be seeking to assess the conditions of Mr Ramsamooj’s detention and our consul will also be paying a visit to Mr Ramsamooj,”

“We’re also in close contact with his family.”

Government also recently assisted Ramsamooj’s family by finding appropriate legal counsel.

Investigations have been taking place into alleged issues at Surinamese Post Savings Bank.