A poster of missing women and victims who were killed is displayed at the vigil in Sangre Grande

Heads of various churches in Sangre Grande have called for the protection and justice of young girls and women who have were raped and murdered in T&T.

They are pleading with the Government and Opposition to unite to have young girls and women protected from cruel and heartless men by passing laws for safety and heinous crime acts against young girls and women.

They asked that Andrea Bharatt’s killing be the end of the last killing of young women and the beginning of having laws and other devices to protect the young vulnerable , defenceless ladies and women of T&T.

They made the appeal at a vigil held at the St Louis Recreation Ground Sangre Grande.

Rev Sanya Beharry, of the Presbyterian Church, said , “Change must come by further lighting the fire in us , the fire that has been lit for Andrea. Do not burnt out the fire tomorrow after the tears and anger burnt out but keep on going until that justice is achieved as our own ability can make it happened.

Beharry said there are vulnerable young girls and women and :we must not forget to protect them.”

She made a special appeal to the hundreds present that they must keep fighting for justice for young girls and women.

Iman Hassan called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, to have laws for the protection of young ladies and women who are being targeted by those who apparently have no mercy as they seems not to have a mother , sister, or aunt so they can feel the pain that these young girls go through in their unfortunate moment.

Pundit Maharaj supported all for Justice for the young ladies of the nation and prayed that Andrea Bharatt will be the last of this heinous crime.

He said he feels the hurt and pain parents have to go through when they lose their daughters who they work hard to upbring and provide for their education.

Guardian Media spoke with someseveral at the vigil. Most said said if the Government provides a efficient bus service they believe that these heinous crime will stop and will bring a natural death to PH taxis.

Dr Rai Ragbir, Member of Parliament for Cumuto/ Manzanilla said he had never seen a movement like this and hoped that Andrea is an angel in heaven.

He said, “So today we stand behind all our fallen heroes, yes we are hurting and angry as what has happen before and what has happen now and continue to happen in society. Our daughters, sisters and mothers had made sacrifices through difficult times to take care of us and yet they are slaughtered mercilessly.