A family of 13 of Jairasingh Village, Coalmine, Sangre Grande, whose home was destroyed by fire two months ago are pleading for help to find a place to call their own. The family said they are being threatened with eviction by the landlord of the house that they have been occupying since the fire.

Deotie Gobindass, the breadwinner of the family which includes four children, among them a six-month-old baby, told Guardian Media that as of July 4 the house where they were allowed to live until they can help themselves would no longer be available.

The Gobindass family got some assistance from their local representative Calvin Seecharan, who had made arrangements to have the rent paid by the Ministry of Social Welfare through its COVID-19 relief grant. The landlord, however, said she has not received a cent to date and other people who are willing to pay the rent are interested in occupying the house. She said she was giving the family until July 4 when the agreement expires to have their rent paid.

A weeping Gobindass said she was out of a job since the lockdown as a result of COVID-19. She said that she was willing to work, but there is nothing available. While she was thankful for the generosity of some Good Samaritans who have been giving them food hampers, the distressed woman and her family said they do not know where they will be resting their head after July 4.

Gobindass said their $150,000 concrete and board structure was built on lands owned by Richard Christopher and she was paying a rent of $100 a month. However, Christopher died some time ago. After their home was burnt down they were getting help to rebuild a structure, but Gobindass said they were stopped by a man accompanied by the police who claimed that he was the owner of the land.

“My children were forced to accept odds-and-end jobs, but this also has come to an end because of the COVID-19 virus. Soon we will have no place to live and will be on the streets. Can we get some help?” she appealed.

Anyone willing to help this family can call 733-7391.