Arouca Homicide Region 11, PC Maharaj interviews Paul Williams at his El Carmen Street, Foster Road, Sangre Grande home yesterday about the shooting of his son Kendell Williams.

Police officers have arrested a relative, who they believe shot a father of one in front of his family at his El Carmen Street, Foster Road, Sangre Grande home on Sunday morning.

Kendell Williams, 26, an electrician, succumbed to his injuries at the Sangre Grande Hospital.

Police reported that around 5 am on Sunday, Kendell came out of his house and saw a relative arguing with his father. The relative then turned and shot Kendell, who ran a short distance before collapsing in a nearby shed.

The victim’s father Paul Williams said the relative threatened to kill him, Kendell and other family members after he (the suspect) destroyed plants in Kendell’s garden but refused to apologise.

He said the suspect, even assaulted his own mother who was forced to flee the area.

The elder Williams said the suspect attempted to fight with him, but when Kendall heard the commotion and came he turned the gun on him instead.

He added, his son’s wife is pregnant with their second child and his murder has left her traumatised and distraught.

Police officers arrested the suspect soon after the incident as he was making his getaway in a car.