Hours after the news broke that a maxi driver from Sangre Grande had been recorded as the area’s first COVID-19 case, residents were further agitated to learn the man is a serving member of the protective services community.

Guardian Media was reliably informed the man’s full-time job would have brought him into contact with other members of the protective services, while it remains unknown how many other members of the public he would have come into contact with as he plied the maxi during his spare time.

Officials confirmed the man was taken via ambulance and escorted by police from the area hospital, late on Thursday. Up to yesterday, it was unclear if the patient was taken to the Caura or Couva hospitals.

Residents yesterday expressed concern as they wondered who had come into contact with the patient, and they are anxious for the health officials to begin contact tracing procedures in the district.

One man whose relative is a maxi-driver and lives in Sangre Grande, yesterday came under attack by angry members of the community who believed he was the driver who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, residents at Brooklyn Settlement reported that material to repair the facility along with new doors had been delivered to the property at Bridge Road – a move which they have interpreted to mean that the authorities remain serious about relocating recovering COVID-19 patients to the area.

They have continued to voice objections to the property being set up as a step-down facility to accommodate patients in various stages of recovery.