President David Granger

Joel Julien in Guyana

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President of Guyana David Granger yesterday said despite a false narrative being spewed by the opposition he has acted in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of Guyana at all times.

Granger said he “cannot, did not and will not” interfere with the work of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

He made the statement yesterday as he acknowledged that one week has passed since general and regional elections were held in the country.

Granger said in that time the country still has not had the final declaration of election results and uncertainty and unease have arisen.

“I assure the nation that, at all times, I have acted in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of Guyana. After the elections on March 2nd, the nation awaited the declaration of the results by the Elections Commission after completing its work,” Granger stated.

“GECOM is an independent constitutional agency over which I and the Executive have no control. I assure you, that as President, I cannot, did not and will not interfere in the work of GECOM,” he stated.

On the other hand, however, Granger said the Opposition “created an atmosphere of intimidation and fear at the office of the Returning Officer of District Number 4”.

“This led to the interruption of GECOM’s work,” Granger stated.

Granger said the Opposition then approached the Supreme Court seeking to prevent GECOM from making a declaration of the final results.

That matter will be heard before Chief Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire at the High Court today.

“Justice Claudette Singh, Chairman of GECOM, has indicated that she will await the outcome of that matter. The entire nation, indeed, must await the ruling of the Supreme Court,” Granger stated.

“The Opposition is disseminating a narrative that is no more than a falsification of reality. It is completely at variance with the official declarations of the Elections Commission for the ten electoral districts,” he stated.

Granger denounced the post-election violence taking place across the country.

“Guyanese, we have all witnessed the lawlessness and violence that have been unleashed on innocent school children, citizens and police officers in several districts of our country. Our security forces have been working to quell disorder and to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Granger stated.

“It is my sworn duty, as President, to uphold the Constitution and keep our citizens safe. I intend to do so. I will not allow political malefactors to hijack our democracy and compromise public order and human safety. Law and order will be maintained,” he stated.

Granger again appealed to Guyanese to remain calm and avoid any activity which can lead to the heightening of tensions in society.

“I urge you to go about your business in a peaceful manner. Some damage has already been done to social relations in our communities. We must repair that damage,” he stated.

“Guyanese are asked to contribute to ensuring that we maintain law and order at all costs. Guyana is a lawful state. We must allow the institutions which we revere and on which we rely to work to ensure that there will be a fair outcome to the issue which we now face,” Granger stated.