The garbage laden house where a ninety two year old woman was rescused from on Taylor Street Extension in Tunapuna, yesterday.

The 92-year-old woman rescued by police from what has been dubbed “A house of horror” in El Dorado has been progressing well at a safe house.

This according to the head of the Gender-Based Violence Unit of the TTPS, ASP Claire Guy-Alleyne, who has been overseeing the woman’s case since she was rescued.

“She is fragile so we have her going through medical and psychosocial treatment in the home,” Guy-Alleyne said yesterday.

She said the woman is yet to be interviewed by police as they were allowing her to become comfortable in her new environment.

The woman, who will not be identified, was taken by police from her home which she shared with a male relative on December 30, three days after a neighbour found her lying in the rain outside her home surrounded by piles of garbage and unable to stand on her own.

The neighbour, Latoya Greaves, contacted an ambulance but when first responders arrived, the woman’s male relative refused to give them permission to take her for treatment.

Three days later, the relative removed the woman from a hospital where she was receiving treatment and allegedly dragged her back into the garbage-strewn house.

When she was told the woman was back in the house, Greaves jumped the concrete fencing, entered the house and made several videos showing the amount of garbage and the poor living condition the woman was enduring. She posted those to social media, starting a campaign for the woman to be rescued that ended later that evening with the intervention of the police.

Contacted yesterday, Greaves said she has visited the woman several times since then.

She said despite the woman’s age, she was able to recall significant portions of her past which she shares with Greaves.

“She is doing very well in the safe house, she remembers a lot of her life, she is aware of what is going around her…she seems to be very well taken care of, she is well-groomed, her hair is combed, her nails, new clothes, she is very happy,” Greaves said.

She said the male relative has not been seen since police rescued the woman.

“He has moved out since the officers took her from the house, he has not come back to the area or the house.”