Yvonne David

2022 has come with many expectations for a better way of life, whether it be financially, COVID-19 free, a healthier economy or emotionally. This sums up the views of a few people who spoke with Guardian Media at High Street, San Fernando yesterday, the last day of 2021.

Errol Gooptar, a fruit vendor, admitted that 2021 was very hard for him and his colleagues.

“We are hoping that 2022 bring good luck for us that the vendors, everybody we hoping that things will be nice for 2022.”

Tisha Ling said Old Year’s was a normal day for her.

I just timid about the whole situation. I waiting to see what going to play over because remember is a pandemic and you don’t know what going to happen but I am not afraid. I just normal. But, Ling was also happy that 2021 has ended.

“The whole year was an up and down, fluctuating thing because we suffered twice for the lockdown, not just me, everybody. But I glad it over and probably we could get a fresh start here now and let something good come out of this whole thing.”

Jacqueline Fraser said she endured money issues in 2021 and was not looking forward to the New Year. Fraser who sells in the fish market said her sales were being hampered because other vendors are being allowed to sell on the outside of the market. She also complained about being hassled and unfairly treated by a financial lending agency.

Terrance Babwah is bracing for a challenging 2022.

“We have to hope and pray that by the blessings of God that everything will be good because it will be very challenging, 2022 will be challenging year because of the economy, things flow, people not working so it will have a lot of problems I feel in 2022.”

Yvonne David did not experience any personal challenges last year, but she is hoping that this year is better for people and the country. “This year was a real hard year for the economy and everything and this virus and everything so I am really looking forward to a better 2022. Health, employment even the government, everything.

Ravi Sankar was thankful for life. “Once you safe and healthy you good to go,” he added. However, Sankar is hoping to see improvements in the country in the new year. “Less restrictions for more opening up of the country and for people to wear their masks and follow all the health protocols,” he added.