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Scores of vendors across the country will take part in The Green Market Santa Cruz second Vegan day which is being held on Saturday 23rd October, 2021. The festival is in celebration of plant-based living, and features food, drink, and artisanal products that are vegan-friendly.Details follow in this press release…

On Saturday 23rd October, by popular demand, Green Market Santa Cruz will host its second Vegan day for the year. Entitled “Vegan 2.0”, the festival is a celebration of plant-based living, and features food, drink, and artisanal products that are vegan-friendly.

Food vendors include vendors who are vegan, as well as those who are experienced at preparing vegan meals, and who will cater to a vegan diet on the day. The Youthful Vegan, Svaadisa, Pastelles and More, Monique’s Vegan Products, The Bakery Affair, Yu Wan Mai Gourmet, Kashmiri Chaiwala, Seaver Street Eats, and CCL Naturals, are among the day’s lineup.

Monique Moniz-Assee of Monique’s Vegan Products, and Indira Romero of Pastelles and More, are converts to veganism. Both were experiencing different medical issues, and both women were advised by their doctors to heal their bodies with food. And after reaping the benefits of their plant-based diets, these two have never looked back. Monique asserts, “The way my body feels and functions now, I’d never go back.” Indira echoes her sentiments, saying, “Becoming vegan has been one of the most important changes I’ve made to my lifestyle: physically, mentally, and spiritually. It has allowed me to see the world holistically and with an accepting attitude. I have especially become more disciplined, intentional, and content with life as I ventured into the journey of veganism.”

On the day of the Vegan festival, Monique will offer a range of vegan and gluten-free, as well as vegan, gluten-free, soy and nut-free products, including pastelles, cheese, patties, vegan meatballs, and other baked goods. Pastelles and More will offer moringa coconut bake with fire roasted tomatoes or eggplant, turmeric veggie paella, sun dried neem leaves masala fries, ancient grain arepa, patacon, cachapas and empanadas served with various veggies and their signature vegan cheese, cassava fritters, carimanola, iced tea and lemonade.

Patrons will also be able to browse and shop locally made vegan-friendly products at the scenic outdoor market, from hardwood kitchen ware by master craftsman Phillip Arthur, to luxury body oils with botanical infusions by Aviaire Body TT, to cocoa-based creams, lotions, soaps and more from Cocoa Dreams Estate.

Plant-derived superfoods and ingredients with known healing properties will also be present at the vegan festival. Coconut oil, which is celebrated for its antimicrobial, and high nutritional value, will be available from Aurora Bitayson Limited. Locally made wines with moringa, ginger, turmeric, and other health-boosting natural ingredients by Love and Joy Enterprises will be on sale. Kombucha, which boasts a powerhouse of enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics, will be available in local flavours like mauby, ginger and mango, from International Beauty and Wellness.  Infuse Pure Therapy, founded by Aromatherapist Lorraine O’Connor, “offers the science and practice of aromatherapy and natural healing in keeping with the principles of respect for nature and sustainability”. Their CBD massage oil and “Let it go” 100% essential oil blend available on the day. CBD oil, facial serums and balms will be available from Adam’s Organix, whose founder, Adam Roberts, has been helping people alleviate pain and align themselves through his work as a yoga instructor for almost a decade.

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