Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith shows a chart of the interview he did for Police Commissioner post during the TTPS press briefing at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has received an 81 per cent passing grade from the Police Service Commission (PSC) for his first year as the country’s top cop.

Griffith proudly shared his passing grade for his first appraisal during yesterday’s T&T Police Service weekly media briefing at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain.

He said his 81 per cent score was roughly the same percentage that he was given during his first assessment for the CoP role—original score: 81.94 per cent.

Griffith also noted that the murder numbers for his annual performances showed downward trends.

Currently, the murder count stands at 287 compared to 367 for the same period last year.

Griffith said his review of the first year has been “Very Good,” according to the PSC.

In his 2018-2019 review, Griffith scored 40.37 for Duties and Standards; 34.42 for Organisational Results and 8.9 for competency, which all added up to his total score of 81.69.

“I have done all that I can do and I have performed as best I can and I have served the country and I have serviced the people of this country with pride,” Griffith said.

He then highlighted the two categories where he thought he would do better.

“There were two sections, one based on Duties and Responsibilities and the other to deal with Competency. For Duties and Responsibilities, out of 46 categories, 45 of them I would have received ratings from good to excellent. There is only one category where I was given a poor appraisal – Human Resource Management. This is where we had court matters being dismissed due to the non-appearance of police officers. This is something ongoing in the TTPS for decades and I could not deal with it as soon as I took office,” he said.

He added, “But just look at the difference one year can make. Between April and June in 2019, there were 353 such cases. I worked night and day to deal with the situation, find the problem and rectify it. The following year for that same period, the number of cases dropped to eight. There was a 97 per cent change in absenteeism of police officers and that’s in relation to the one ‘poor’ in the 46 categories.”