There will be no erosion of democracy in T&T during Police Commission Gary Griffith’s watch.

Griffith made this clear yesterday following early-morning word of the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise and the shooting of his wife, Martine at their private residence in Port au Prince .

International reports stated attackers armed with heavy calibre weapons stormed the house at 1 am.

Moise 53, served as President since 2017 but political unrest in Haiti arose and there had been calls for his resignation. The couple had three children.

Regional officials said up to 3 pm yesterday Madame Moise, who was evacuated to Miami, was warded at hospital alive but in critical condition.

Video footage showed Moise’ body– said to have received more than five bullets– lying prone. A State of Emergency was declared there.

Griffith, in a radio interview with Citizens Union head Phillip Alexander , said he’d been based in Haiti for six months while he was in the Defence Force.

He was the first T&T citizen to get a UN peace keeping medal for work there

While in Haiti, Griffith said he had watched democracy gradually being eroded by people who felt they could do what they wanted, at any time and any how they wanted.

“And now the Haitian President (Moise) has been assassinated,” Griffith said.

He added: “But I’m not going to allow on my watch any situation similar to July 27, 1990 (when the failed coup attempt occurred in T&T) or people who want to speak of civil unrest and do what they want to do on this.’’

”It is not happening on my watch! You’ll be arrested on sight! I won’t have anyone affect the democratic process in T&T and break the law,” Griffith also said.

He said people could go on social media and say all they wanted– “ Who vex loss – I won’t adhere to any situation that will affect democracy in T&T.’’