Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has developed a mildly inflamed gallbladder but said he is determined to steer the T&T Police Service (TTPS) until three substantial positions of Deputy Commissioner of Police are filled.

Speaking with Guardian Media yesterday, Griffith said he recently could not walk and had to be taken to a private institution where he underwent a series of tests.

“The doctors found that my gallbladder is slightly inflamed and if it gets any worse I will have to undergo surgery but with that surgery, I will be out for several weeks,” he said.

He added: “But I cannot afford to leave the TTPS in the way it currently is because of the present COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing investigations, etc…there is also the need for three substantiate DCP’s to be appointed so that in my absence the TTPS will be able to operate smoothly,” he added.

Griffith said in the interim he has had “a conversation” with his gallbladder and if it is that his “gallbladder decides to stress him out and become swollen and breaks the contract that we have made then I will have no choice but to have him removed. I had a conversation with my gallbladder and I told him I will do my best not to stress him and cause him further harm but if he decides to stress me I will have him removed.”

In January 2019, Griffith was forced to check himself in at a private health institution as his “body crashed.” It turned out that Griffith was exhausted and stressed during an initial medical evaluation.