A woman puts her hands in the air as she speaks to police officers during a roadblock at Tarouba near the Brian Lara Stadium during the State of Emergency on Saturday.

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Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said yesterday that his officers will be out in full force today and on Thursday, to ensure that the amended curfew hours governing holidays are observed.

He said he has asked his officers to use their discretion and to deal with cases of those found on the roads, case by case.

Only essential workers are allowed on the streets after 10 am today when the curfew begins.

The Police Service issued a statement yesterday following the distribution of the State of Emergency proclaimed by President Paula-Mae Weekes.

“Only critical essential workers either on their way to or on their way back from work will be allowed on the roads during this period of 10 am on the public holiday to 5 am the following day. Such workers include (though are not necessarily limited to) the media, private security officers, healthcare workers, sea and airport workers, and energy sector workers,” Griffith said in the statement.

The Commissioner added that these persons must possess their work ID cards.

He said he had briefed officers who will be conducting road exercises on Monday and Thursday, to ticket, charge, or clear persons on a case by case basis.

The officers were advised that “there will be those essential workers going to or returning from shift duty without curfew permits. In those circumstances, the employee simply needs to produce the company identification card and explain to the officer where he or she is going to or coming from. Employers are also encouraged to provide letters, if possible, to these employees.”

Griffith added that these letters would be accepted even if presented electronically.

The Commissioner said that people seeking medical treatment would have to explain to officers where they are going. The same will apply to individuals who are going to attend already scheduled funerals.

Griffith added that for the purpose of the two public holidays the 13,000 curfew permits submitted by his office will apply to the adjusted curfew hours as well.

As for any other matters, he has asked that members of the public call for clearance to conduct activities if necessary.

Griffith said he received several calls and messages from people, including owners of livestock, people who have to feed the elderly, and those with emergencies.

He said these people, along with those who have to go to the airport for an early morning flight or any other persons with a legitimate emergency, should contact the Operational Command Centre at 480-2000 or 612-3876 for the necessary clearance.”

He also explained that commercial fishing remains allowable but the movement of pleasure crafts during the holiday curfew hours “is strictly prohibited.”