Gary Griffith

Former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he’s holding text messages which, if revealed, could cause a snap election before year-end.

Griffith did so while on Citizens Union leader Phillip Alexander’s “Gloves Off” show on Tuesday. And he’s pointed to an alleged “little boy attitude” by the Prime Minister on the recent leak of text messages between the PM and himself.

Some messages between both were revealed in a September 25, 2020 letter from then-Police Service Commission chairman Bliss Seepersad, when she wrote Griffith on the PM’s loss of confidence in him. Seepersad’s letter detailed issues concerning Griffith’s reaction and response to various matters, including the text messages between him and Rowley which she detailed.

Also appearing on Alexander’s show was criminal attorney Vernon de Lima, a former Congress of the People (COP) vice-chairman and leadership contender in 2011. He’d migrated to the US after he and his wife were attacked at their St Augustine home in 2015.

During Tuesday’s show, all three discussed issues concerning Griffith and national matters Griffith had said, “it’s absolute madness in the last four months, law-abiding people can’t get a legal firearm to protect themselves as they’ve stopped (issuing them) and criminals are bringing in their illegal firearms and building their arsenal.”

“So obviously, there will be situations where evil is going to overwhelm good and it’s getting worse and nothing else is being done because of this stupid little witchhunt by individuals who are so desperate to be political,” Griffith said.

He told De Lima, “Vernon, they’ve spent more time on character assassination of Gary Griffith which hasn’t worked…they’ve thrown mud on my white shirt…there was no stain and they keep throwing it. But the more they throw, the more the public is buying into the fact that ‘Really? You really going with that?’’

“They keep throwing investigations, reports and everything and they have their media people… Ria Taitt get a leak of the NSC (National Security Council), a leak of the letter (to me) from the (past) (Police Service Commission), of text messages the Prime Minister will send to me.”

Griffith added, “Well let me tell you something gentlemen, if Keith Rowley feels that that little boy attitude of sending private text messages between a Commissioner and a Prime Minister, he sees fit to go public—if I start to reveal text messages, there might very well be a snap election before the end of this year.”

Griffith alluded to the 2020 clash with the PM on the Bayside Towers pool party COVID-19 protocol breach. He said that was because a Prime Minister was “thin-skinned” and had “run like a little child” to the PSC and complained.

There wasn’t any reply from Rowley yesterday to a T&T Guardian request for a response to Griffith’s statements.

Griffith added that he’d also written Deputy Police Commissioner McDonald Jacobs seeking an investigation of Seepersad’s actions in trying to “suspend him” illegally. He added that she’d withdrawn the merit list of August and said a former PSC member brought it to his attention that the list was blocked by a Government official’s interference.

Griffith said because Rowley declared him “persona non-grata” for CoP, the 89 per cent who’d supported him might drop to 75 per cent. He called on the public not to simply follow leaders and adhere to “Kamla” or “Rowley” but to think for themselves.