Commissioner of Police Opinion Poll 2

Renuka Singh

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is sitting on an impressive 80 per cent approval rating.

The result was revealed in a poll commissioned by the Police Service Commission ahead of its review of Griffith’s performance.

The online survey was conducted by international market research and analytics consultant Akilah Procope on behalf of the PSC. It polled some 1,341 people over 18, omitting persons who were members of the Police Service, and was conducted between January 23 and 30th.

Apart from his 80 per cent approval rating, Griffith scored over 75 per cent in leading by example, being accessible, personal integrity and commanding presence.

His visibility, though, was seen as his highest-rated characteristic by respondents.

Griffith scored 67 per cent in representing the interests of the average citizen. That, however, was his lowest score. He scored a 69 per cent for his independence.

While Griffith’s approval rating was soaring, the rest of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is also not doing too badly.

In a separate online survey, the service enjoyed a 59 per cent approval rating, with one in every three people surveyed having something positive to say about the TTPS.

These positive findings were the result of a survey that polled 1, 281 respondents representative of T&T’s population.

All respondents were also over 18 and not members of the TTPS.

The data, collected between January 23 and 30, found that a whopping seven out of every 10 people support the TTPS.

The older respondents were found to give the TTPS a higher rating.

Police visibility, responsiveness, competency and professionalism were tested and responsiveness received the lowest rating at 40 per cent. The competency of the officers was slightly higher at 46 per cent while both courtesy professionalism ratings tested at 50 per cent. Police visibility earned the highest ranking at 64 per cent.

Back in August 2019, Griffith produced the findings of a survey showing a marked increase in the approval rating of the TTPS. At that time and according to that survey, in 2018 confidence in the TTPS stood at 36 per cent and by 2019 it was at 55 per cent. At back then, some 36 per cent of people polled were not satisfied with the service they received from the TTPS.

Griffith is expected to present the findings of the surveys today.