Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and La Horquetta/ Talparo, MP Foster Cummings listen to a member of the public during a cottage meeting at the La Horquetta Regional Complex on Wednesday.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith met with La Horquetta residents on Wednesday night at the Regional Complex where he reiterated his calls for citizens to let their voices be heard, as it pertains to pushing for legislative changes to address crime.

“You really feel that all the marches and all the vigils will make a criminal say ‘ok these people are upset for me raping women, kidnapping people, killing your children so I’ll stop?’ The answer most probably will be no. “

He made reference to the Anti-Gang legislation, which goes to the Senate next week.

Last year the legislation flopped in the House of Representatives as the Opposition did not support the Government’s bid to extend the life of the 2018 act.

The Police Commissioner said social activism is a good thing, but more needs to be done.

“As much as you have the vigils and the marches fair enough, but what I ask is to do what is important. I need help. The assistance I need is to understand how it is that we can be in a place in these times and persons who may be in parliament see it fit to say it is legal to be a gang member. This is where your input will come in”

Griffith said.

He called on citizens to ensure that politicians do the right thing when it comes to passing the necessary laws for their protection.

He added, “We now have a situation where we go to parliament sometime next week and politicians need to make the right choice, the choice is between good versus evil. The choice means let us do what is right for the country and this is where I ask for you all to please have your voices heard. The marches and the vigils and the protest and the motorcades fair enough…We need to find ways to get politicians to understand to do what is right for the country.

It is difficult for us as police officers to fight gang warfare if it is we are fighting against something that is legal.”