Two hikers, who were lost, (two standing on left in the middle row) pose for a group picture with members of the Hard Grounds Search and Rescue Team after they were rescued during a hike in the Blanchisseuse forest on Monday morning.

Two hikers, who were lost in the Blanchisseuse forest for several hours on Sunday night, were rescued by members of the Hard Grounds Search and Rescue Team early on Monday morning.

Speaking with Guardian Media on Monday, the captain of the mission, who preferred not to be named, said they got a call from the girlfriend of one of the hikers saying that her boyfriend, Jameel Mohammed and another man, only identified as Johnny had set out to visit Three Sprouts Water Falls at 11 pm.

“We went into the forests in the Blanchisseuse area after contacting two hunters from the area after 1 am on Monday and after having an idea where they hiked to, we were able to find them around a small fire and extracted them successfully out to the road where they reunited with their friends.

“They were both in good health and weren’t injured. What happened was that they reached the waterfall at Mourne La Croix, Blanchisseuse and on their way back they took the wrong turn and would have gotten lost. We found them close to 3 am around a small fire,” the team captain added.

The captain said it was the group’s third search mission in months.

“We were called out to help in the search of the kidnapped girl, Andrea Bharatt, which we did and then the missing hiker from last weekend Qadir Shah, who got into difficulties while swimming at Turtle Rock Bay, in the vicinity of Paria Bay, and drowned and now this one. What we do is a selfless service to Trinidad and Tobago.”

While happy to help, the captain offered some advice to hikers.

“Every track is totally different in the night so always head out much earlier and be able to calculate your time to and from along the track. Also, ensure that you have proper battery operated lighting and don’t rely on the torchlight from your cellphone. Always save your cellphone power.”