Gruff the Macaw has been safely reunited with his family. (Image courtesy The Adventures of Gruff Facebook page)

Gruff is back and safe.  

“He’s good… he’s home today,” said his owner, Katrianna Rezende. 

The beloved Macaw from Diego Martin was reunited with his family just after 7:30 pm on Monday. 

He was grabbed while flying along the Diego Martin highway the same morning.

“He was grabbed mid-flight… Someone was on the highway and saw and know a friend my friend,” he said. 

Katrianna Rezende said when she got the information, she immediately posted it to The Adventures of Gruff Facebook page. Within minutes it was shared several times. 

“That hadda be this person first time in Diego… Bring Gruff back and all will be forgiven,” Shane Best wrote on Twitter. 

“I doubt somebody so evil. If anybody know de driver who do dis, make sure dey leggo Gruff eh,” Derron Ellie said. 

Rezende said another friend of a friend knew who took Gruff and asked if they would give him back, and they agreed. 

“They realised it reached very far,” she said. 

Apart from missing a few feathers from the bird-napping, Gruff is okay and went for his morning flight already. 

“People already saw him by Crystal Stream,” she said. 

Rezende thanked everyone for their assistance in getting the free-flying Macaw home and is happy that he is raising awareness. 

“You can love them and leave them,” she said. 

She said she will take the Macaw to the Zoo to get tagged on Thursday. 

This is not the first time gruff has been taken.  On one occasion, his wings were clipped, and he was unable to fly for several months.