Weapons seized by police officers over the weekend turned out to be nothing more than probs used for a music video.

News of the seizure was brought to light in a video circulating on social media on Saturday night, with information accompanying the video claimed that police had seized a cache of weapons.

But the T&T Police Service cleared up the matter yesterday in a release.

“A video purporting that the police seized a cache of firearms last night (Saturday) was incorrect. What the police found were several objects resembling firearms which were being used as props in a music video.”

It said officers responded to reports that there was a group of men at the end of Sahadeen Trace in Vega de Oropouche, armed with firearms and of loud explosions.

A police party later stopped a white Nissan Navara with a group of men.

A 46-year-old man of Waterloo Road, Arouca, said he was the leader of the group and that they were shooting a music video. A search of the vehicle revealed camera equipment, as well as several plastic objects resembling firearms of different types. The leader of the group indicated that they were all props being used in a music video.

However, the officers discovered a silver-coloured air pistol with a black grip also wrapped in black electrical tape.

When asked if he had a permit to keep and carry the air pistol, the leader of the group said no. The officers then seized the air pistol pending further enquiries.