After robbing a woman and her mother at gunpoint in their San Fernando home last night, a gunman reportedly forced the younger woman to take off her clothes and recorded images of her body on the victim’s cell-phone.

Police said around 11:15 pm on Sunday July 4th, the 26-year-old woman was washing clothes at her home with the back door open, when a man wearing a red bandana over his head and armed with a gun came in.

He reportedly robbed her of several items, including: a Samsung S9 cell phone valued at $8,000; a pair of gold earrings valued at $2,800; a gold chain valued at $3,000; a gold ring valued at $600; and a watch valued at $550.  He also robbed the woman’s 60-year-old mother, a geriatric nurse, of her Amazon Fire Tab 7 valued at $700.

After robbing both women, Guardian Media understands the gunman pointed his weapon at the younger woman and demanded that she remove her clothes. Fearful for her life, she complied with his demand, and the suspect reportedly made a recording with her cell-phone, before running out of the apartment. 

WCpl Caesar and party of officers responded to the home invasion report and interviewed several persons. 

Mon Repos police are investigating. 

Businessman robbed while purchasing car

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, a 24-year-old businessman was robbed when he went to meet a man named “Damien” at the Brian Lara Stadium on Sunday, to purchase a silver Toyota Aqua.

The victim told police that around 12:45 pm, he was waiting in his Tiida on the eastern side of the car park when the Aqua pulled up and two men exited. While he was checking the Aqua, the men pulled out firearms and robbed the businessman of his car and the $38,000 that he had brought to purchase the Aqua.

The victim’s vehicle was found abandoned about 200 meters away. 

PC Teelucksingh is investigating.