The victim was killed while walking along Scorpion Alley in Carenage, this morning

Police are searching for a gunman who was run over with a car after shooting his victim, however, he still managed to escape.

The wounded man drove his car until he thought it safe to stop and ask for help to the hospital.

According to a police report, the victim, identified only as “Boyo” was shot by gunmen at upper 7th Avenue, Malick, Barataria, at about 3.17 am on Friday, while in his car.

Police said Boyo stepped on his accelerator speeding forward knocking down one of the gunmen in the process.

The gunman managed to recover and fled along with his accomplice.

The victim, police said, drove a short distance away, where he then stopped his vehicle to ask for help.

He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex where he was treated.