A police vehicle at the corner of Clementy and Wilkinson Streets, El Dorado, after the attempted murder of a female prison officer on Tuesday.

The attacks against prison officers continued tonight as gunmen opened fire on a female prison officer in El Dorado.

Reports indicate the woman was at home with her father and other relatives around 7.30 pm when a car with unknown occupants pulled up outside and they began shooting.

The small shop located to the front of the property at Clementy Street, El Dorado is rented by a police officer who drew his licensed pistol and returned fire, forcing the men to flee. Reports indicated the police officer was injured in the hand and is being treated at hospital.

Police officars walk along Clementy Street, El Dorado, after an atack on a female prison officer, on Tuesday.

In an emotional voice note moments after the shooting, someone purporting to the female prison officer cried as she said, “This is real.”

Immediately after the shooting, as news of the incident spread other prison officers quickly rushed to the scene to console their colleague.

Police also arrived and cordoned off the area, as they searched for the gunmen.

This incident follows Monday’s killing of prison officer Nigel Jones in Siparia and last Friday’s murder of Trevor Serrette in Valencia.