A photo posted on local gymnast Thema Williams' page accompanying a post in which she is seeking help to raise funds for a coconut vendor who requires additional surgery after being chopped.

Prominent local gymnast, Thema Williams has made an online plea for assistance towards a popular coconut vendor who is trying to raise TT$1900 for surgery.

Williams posted a photo on her Instagram page with a short story as she used her own popularity to reach out to her near 21,000 fans who can help, by purchasing coconuts from him.

Her post stated: “In early 2020 one of our well-known coconut vendors, renowned for his magnificent “one chop” in many local videos was robbed and brutally attacked. He has since undergone a surgical procedure which left his left hand unable to bend, close, and grasp (a botched surgery) which is making his job extremely challenging (basically working with one hand, and now has to cut his coconuts on a chopping board). He is now in need of a further surgical procedure to regain proper mobility and flexibility in his hand. He is in need of $1900TTD before Wednesday 26th August, which is just about the sale of 190 coconuts. With that said, every sale counts!! Please render your support by purchasing his coconuts or even donating to the cause. His stand is located before the snow cone man closer to the end of QRC. Be sure to share this post to inform others. Thank you for your support in advance. PS. His coconuts also LASH!”

The chopping, which took place in March this year, was being investigated by St Clair police.

The attacker was said to be a homeless man.