Jada Pierre

Police are moving to charge a 26-year-old Fyzabad man with the brutal hammer attack of geriatric nurse Jada Pierre.

Pierre, 22, of Bali Hosein Trace, Quarry Village, Siparia was beaten on the head with a hammer on Friday and thrown out of a vehicle at the side of Fields Road, Santa Flora around 3 pm that day. She remains at the San Fernando General Hospital, in a stable condition, having suffered severe head injuries.

A former partner of Jada, who lives in New City, Fyzabad is currently in police custody.

Investigators said Pierre’s attack was so severe that her skull was fractured in two places. Doctors stitched up a laceration on the left side of her forehead, as well as lacerations to the back region of her head.

A source said the file on the incident has been completed and statements recorded from the victim as well as the suspect.

In her statement, Pierre told police she was at home when her ex-partner came and picked her up in his uncle’s X-Trail.

She said while driving along the Fields Road, Santa Flora in the vicinity of Sanderson Park, the man began begging her to reconcile. She refused and he became enraged.

Pierre said the suspect pulled over the vehicle and asked her to drive. She went to the driver’s seat following which he took up the hammer and began beating her mercilessly with it.

He then dragged her by her hair out of the van and drove away, leaving her bleeding semi-conscious on the ground. A passer-by later found her lying on the road and called the ambulance which rushed her to the Siparia Health Facility.

Police said they are recommending a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Investigators are awaiting instructions from the Director of Public Prosecution before laying the charge.

Senior Supt Brandon John, Sgt Sobie and PC’s Sagar and Billy were involved with investigations.