A Cunupia man was killed in what police claimed was drug related shooting on Wednesday.

Police have identified the victim as Amar Ramkissoon aka “Baba”of Welcome Road, Esmeralda Cunupia. Ramkissoon worked as a handyman.

According to a police report, at about 12.30 pm Ramkissoon was making a purchase at at a shop at Sampson Street Extension, South Cunupia, when a vehicle stopped in front of the shop.

The driver of reportedly fired several shots at Ramkissoon and drove away.

Ramkissoon was found in the shop entrance suffering from gunshot wounds. He subsequently died.

In an unrelated shooting incident, two men—a 34-year-old scrap iron dealer of Kelly Village and a 27-year-old man, a labourer, of the same village—were shot and wounded.

A report said several people were standing at Caroni South Bank Road, Kelly Village, Caroni at about 8.15 pm at Caroni Southbank Road, Kelly Village, Caroni, when a car stopped and its occupants opened fire on them.

The two men were wounded. They were taken hospital.

Investigations are continuing.