A cashier at Priceclub Supermarket in Chaguanas.


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic groups of unsung heroes have emerged for the services they have been providing day in and day out. With health care workers receiving the lion’s share of recognition, it is easy to overlook those who also help keep us alive. Among those under increasing pressure during these unprecedented times are grocery workers.

Employees at Priceclub Supermarket in Chaguanas have been working tirelessly to ensure shelves are stocked and people are well equipped to weather the COVID-19 storm. Forced to adapt to changing situations and confronted by waves of people panic buying, these essential workers have been soldiering on despite the outbreak which has forced many other institutions to shut their doors.

When a team from Guardian Media visited the supermarket yesterday, scores of shoppers were seen outside the building, separated several feet apart, all with hopes of securing items to make their indoor stay as smooth as possible. Inside, employees were stocking shelves and soldiering on despite the outbreak which has forced many other institutions to shut their doors.

In an interview with a man who was bagging goods at the time, he said he was proud of what he was doing and felt good to be an essential worker. One cashier said, “It’s because you care for people remember not everyone can come outside and do what we are doing, so we care for the people so they can come out and get what they have to get because food is essential to everybody.”

Meanwhile, some unsung heroes may not wear a stethoscope or carry a firearm but workers at Wings of Care Nursing Home in Longdenville, are also among those who have gone over and beyond.

Manager Chrissalye Manohar said measures have recently been implemented to ensure service to elderly people, some of whom are nearing 100 years old, are not disrupted.

“At the end of the day when we choose this line of work we know what we were getting into, dealing with the elderly, dealing with people on the whole, is a very serious job. Their lives are important to us and they are our number one priority, due to the COVID 19 we take very much precaution.”

All around the world, frontline workers are being recognized for their invaluable roles in keeping their countries and economies running.