Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh MP.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh MP has confirmed that from tomorrow, an alphabetical system would be employed, to bring some order to the current COVID-19 vaccine drive.

There was chaos at health centres around the country today, as hundreds turned out to receive their shot.  However, many were turned away because of the limited number of shots available.  In addition, staff at the health centres also implemented a number chit system, to ensure those eligible for vaccines could receive them today.

The health minister admitted that they underestimated how many people would want vaccines.

“My apology is unreserved,” he told a news conference, today.

He also noted that many of the people who turned up for vaccines this morning were not eligible at this time.

“Many healthy persons under 60 years of age turned up,” he said. “Many of them did not have NCDs either.”

Even as he apologised for the chaos, the Minister also asked persons under 60 years to allow the 60+ and those with NCDs to get their shot first.

”I assure you, as more and more vaccines come in, your turn to get your shot will come,” the minister assured.

From Thursday June 10th, persons whose surnames are between A-E will be seen to receive their vaccines. 

The minister also reiterated that only persons over 60 years of age, and those under 60 years with NCDs are eligible for vaccination at this time.  In addition, citizens must walk with proof of ID.