Dr Alana Best

As the school term comes to an end tomorrow, health officials are reminding persons that Easter camp activities are not permitted. They are also urging families that plans to keep children entertained should be done as much as possible in outdoor settings or well-ventilated locations.

County Medical Officer of Health for St Andrew’s/St David, Dr Alana Best, yesterday reinforced the COVID-19 measures during the Ministry of Health’s media briefing.

“We have to continue to safeguard our children,” Best said, appealing for greater personal responsibility as she referred to the recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases.

Saying they currently had two confirmed cases within her district of Sangre Grande and environs, Best said, “At the moment, the cases are well controlled.”

She called on people to adhere to the regulations to wear face masks, wash their hands and social distance to contain the spread of the virus. Best even urged persons to don masks in the presence of their household members, when visiting relatives and when visitors drop in at their homes.

“It is not a sign of disrespect,” she assured.

She advised employers to sanitise frequently touched areas and urged employees to be vigilant, especially during their lunch hour. Among the safety parameters she outlined were people arranging to eat alone, staggering their allotted breaks so as to avoid over-crowding and keeping on masks when not eating.

For those attending religious services during the upcoming holiday period, Best asked organisers to keep detailed contact tracing information on all attendees in the event a positive case is identified.

Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds repeated earlier information that upward trends for March indicated cases are getting progressively higher.

One additional death was recorded on Tuesday, bringing the total number to 141. It was an elderly male with pre-existing conditions.

Advising on additional precautions to reduce viral spread, Hinds reminded that persons ordered into self-quarantine should remain at home, have no visitors, wash hands, wear masks, not share items such as dishes and linen and try to avoid sharing bathrooms and bedrooms.

He said, “The virus has not gone anywhere, it is still here with us.”

Regarding the two-week Easter vacation, he acknowledged there would be increased travel between both islands and he implored persons to ensure they observed all health regulations as part of being responsible citizens.