Valston Yearwood (centre) is held protectively by his grandson (left) following his safe return home by medical orderly Avion Dawson (right). Yearwood had been missing since last Saturday. Dawson found him wandering at the San Fernando General Hospital yesterday and returned him to his family.

A healthcare worker reunited a missing elderly man with his family yesterday, after she found him wandering at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Valston Yearwood, 81, of La Gloria Settlement, New Grant, was reported missing last Saturday.

But around 6.30 am yesterday, Avion Dawson, a medical orderly, saw him walking aimlessly on the hospital compound near the Accident and Emergency Department and took him home into the arms of his relieved relatives.

Dawson lives on the same street as Yearwood. However, she said she only found out he was missing on Monday night after she saw it on Facebook. Dawson also shared the post.

She told Guardian Media that while having breakfast, she saw him walking near the hospital’s dispensary. When she and her colleagues asked him his name, he only mentioned his surname and told them he was from Cedar Hill. He had two dollars on him. Dawson said they called the Anti-Crime hotline 555 and were told police officers would respond.

However, she said, “He wasn’t staying still, like he wanted to go somewhere else. So I asked them if I could take him home and they said I could. I asked my supervisor if I could leave work to drop him home and she said I could go.”

Dawson said Yearwood told her he slept by a building and that he was hungry. She bought him two doubles and a soft drink as she drove him home in her private vehicle. She explained that when she arrived at his house, the police, including Constables Sujeet Ramcharan and Deboulet, were already there and she handed Yearwood over to them before she headed back to work.

She said Yearwood’s grandson hugged him.

Yearwood lives with his daughter and grandchildren.

An officer involved in the search for Yearwood was full of praise for Dawson.

“This is excellent, she should be highly commended. She left work to take him to make sure he got back home safely,” the officer said.