Heart patient Neeranjan Singh, who will be getting his Echocardiogram done today.


Instead of waiting over a year to see a doctor at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, heart patient Neeranjan Singh will get his echocardiogram done today by a private facility in central Trinidad.

Singh, 50, of Tunapuna, shared his struggle of living with congestive heart failure with Guardian Media on Monday.

He had sent out an appeal to Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, begging him to fix the issues plaguing the cardiac clinic of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex after his December 21, 2020 appointment was moved to January 31, 2022, without any explanation. Currently, he has to take 22 tablets and insulin twice a day so his heart does not shut down completely.

Yesterday, Singh said after his story was published, the staff at the EWMSC reached out to him, advising him to come in within two weeks so his problems could be ‘sorted out.’

A private practitioner, who asked to remain anonymous, reached out to GML yesterday, trying to get in contact with Singh. By early afternoon yesterday, Singh was already booked at the private facility for his examinations today.

He said he was very grateful for the assistance but he repeated his calls for the health care system to be revamped to better serve patients.

“At least with this story, I am getting help but what about the other of hundreds of patients? I t is not fair to them, I am glad for the help because I was telling you about my condition now, I really appreciate that. but it is sad to know that we have a health system and it is not working for anyone,” Singh said.

He said he believes he would not have received any call from the hospital if he had not gone public with his plight.

“I find it’s so wrong that we have to do a story and let the entire country see what is happening before they could do what is necessary.”