Mourners look on as the hearse carrying the body of murdered gang leader Anthon “Boombay” Boney leaves for its final resting place yesterday.

A heavy police presence yesterday, as reputed gang leader Anthon ‘Boombay’ Boney was laid to rest under Islamic rites.

Boney was killed while driving along the Uriah Butler Highway in the vicinity of the Caroni Flyover on September 8.

According to the police, a dark coloured SUV pulled up alongside him and a man, dressed in black and what resembled tactical wear with a facemask, exited and approached his car.

The driver inquired if Boney was the owner of the vehicle after which, explosions were heard. The car veered off the roadway, into a ditch, and came to a halt.

Boney was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead soon after arriving. His attackers made their escape.

Yesterday, relatives, friends and members of the John John community converged at the John John Basketball court to pay their respects and tributes to Boney.

Despite the heavy police presence, when Boney’s body was being carried away from the basketball court to make its way to the cemetery, gunshots were heard coming from the hills.

The large crowd of mourners followed Boney’s body to the Aranguez Muslim Cemetery, where he was laid to rest.

Investigations are continuing into Boney’s murder.